MindHey! Here are 3 reasons why you should not...

Hey! Here are 3 reasons why you should not follow Spiderman into the financial multiverse! – 1


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My favourite family movie is Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse. My younger son can’t get enough of it. He can watch it everyday and often did, at a particular time.

I loved the creativity displayed in the movie. I enjoyed the pivot from one existing Spiderman to several instances of Spiderman. .

I mean, it rubs off so positively on me spiritually as well. Makes me know that every generation has access to God’s special grace to live productive and impactful lives. But the focus of my post today is how the plot of the movie can result in negative outcomes for your finances.


  1. Your past actions and results is just that – Past

You see, Peter Parker at the time was middle-aged, separated from Mary Jane – his teenage love and enjoying his life away from crime in Queens. Unfortunately for him, his senses picked up danger from another dimension where a young Miles Morales was grappling with the reality of being Spider-Man and a failing relationship with his Dad, who loathed Spider-Man. Peter Parker got sucked into Miles’ dimension from his own dimension against his will to play superhero again.

Anyway, I will not completely spoil the movie for you :). Go watch the movie. The point is that many times our brain behaves like the multiverse. It links past financial decisions and related emotions to present financial choices. If you lost money while investing in the stock market, you might quit investing in it because of the emotional state such a loss caused for you. If your first attempt at real estate investing was disastrous, your brain would often play back that decision and the emotion related to it when you decide you want to try investing again.

This simply creates a self-sabotaging negative cycle that disempowers you from unlinking your past to your present. At some point, you need to tell your Peter Parker to stay in his dimension and even though he senses that the villain is familiar and has crossed into another dimension to wreck unprecedented havoc, the universe has created another Spider-Man – Miles, who is capable of putting him down and saving New York City and his dimension.

  1. Don’t cross your universe to go help Miles

The brain generally acts like a mesh that connects our “multi-verse” experiences. It works in a way to remind us of our hurts, so we avoid the causes. Unfortunately, those memories consistently knock our confidence and inhibit us from breaking free from our self-limitations. Because the brain does this as an automatic response to familiar negative financial experiences as with similar experiences in other aspects of our life, the onus lies squarely on us to turn this pattern around.

Newton’s first law of motion which states that “an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless it is acted upon by an external force.” comes to play in this instance. We need to exert an external force to the one generated by our brains to point it in another direction at a different velocity.

This is when we tell ourselves and our brain – “There’s no failure in life, only feedback”. Miles Morales indeed had not grown enough in confidence to take on the villains in his dimension, but then that is just natural. All superheroes started out making mistakes, being unsure of themselves and bungling their missions at the start. Peter Parker couldn’t save Uncle Ben. Superman couldn’t save his adopted parents. Batman joined the league of shadows.

We need to tell our brains that the former dimension was different to the one we are in, when it comes to financial decisions or responses. That we were unable to save 2 years ago does not mean we can’t start saving now. That we did not understand the stock market when someone spoke about it on TV during the business section does not mean we cannot learn it now. That we failed to stick with our budget just 2 weeks after drawing it up last time does not mean we lack the discipline to do so.

That was Peter Parker’s dimension. This is Miles’ dimension. And whether or not we like it, Miles is also Spider-Man. Miles has all the abilities and capabilities of Spidey. Don’t play Peter Parker in Miles’ universe. If you want to be Spider-Man in Miles’ dimension, you can’t be Peter Parker. You are going to have to fully become Miles Morales.


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